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51SaiGsQ2dL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_On release day, I caught up with Bella Juarez to talk about her new Knights of Red Horse novella and the Black Ops Brotherhood.  Congratulations Bella on Saving Me – Knights of Red Horse 3

Michael Brannan has had enough of one night stands that go nowhere and leave him empty. After watching his heroes, Tom and Aaron, married and happy, he longs to learn the secret to their content, full lives. He yearns for a girl he left behind and who’s now out of his reach.

Angel Rivas has attained super-stardom as a plus-sized model. But Angel’s success comes with a price—an unknown stalker who seems to have eyes into her most private moments is terrorizing her.

When Michael’s bosses set him up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, he finds his unattainable woman so near, yet so far. Can she forgive him for his treachery all those years ago? Can Michael protect Angel from things that go bump in the night? This last entry into the RED HORSE Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away.
Saving Me: Knights of Red Horse Book 3 (1Night Stand)

All About Bella

Bella Juarez has a passion for writing and tells her stories with a high level of military suspense and erotic romance. A few years ago, Bella was an IT technician with a craving for military and espionage history and would devour anything, fact or fiction, about the subject. Today, she lives on a south Texas ranch with her family and dogs.

With stories of intrigue running through her imagination, she always dreamed of writing a novel. Finally, in 2012, she wrote and released Rapid Dominance, book 1 of the Black Ops Brotherhood Series. Since then, she has released five more novels in this series. Branching out, she’s written three erotic romance novellas all with military elements.

Her stories blend today’s headlines into thought provoking, intricate plots interwoven with razor-sharp suspense, intrigue, and scorching, white-hot romance.

Bella’s idea of a perfect day starts out with a run, followed by a pot of strong French roast coffee, to keep her going while she sits at her keyboard tapping away on another story.

Interview with Bella: Bella's Pic

SR:  So what inspires you to write erotic romance about the military?

Bella:  I think it was a bit of advice I got long ago from a friend, write what you know best.  And so that’s what I do.  I know the military, politics, and people.  When I started writing and decided to get published I saw a void in well researched military actions and at the time, that information was hard to find.  Having worked with and having friends in the military community, there were things I knew from experience and the things I didn’t know, I could reach out to people I knew to get the information I needed.   Weaving complex stories and having them make sense is almost a therapeutic outlet for me.  As most writers can tell attest to, you need to write to get the voices out of your head.

SR:  Speaking of voices, how and when did you come up with the concept of the Black Ops Brotherhood and the Knights of Red Horse?

Bella:  I love military suspense but I found the genre sort of leaves women out.   I recall reading a SEAL series that was written by a man and geared toward men.  There was a little romantic heat in the stories but no balance between the action and the romance.  As I thought more and more about writing a military suspense series,  I discovered most of the military suspense books out there do one of two things either there’s too much action or too much romance.  I wanted to bring balance to a military suspense story—make it a little more relatable for women who were interested in the technical side of military action.   Women like to know the personal backstory of their fictional characters and so I tried to  develop a series that has that mix of military/political suspense and romance.  My characters have to work to maintain a relationship once they find “the one.”  And as we know when you do find him/her, you have to compromise and change to keep and happily ever after going.  Most of my characters in these stories are older (30’s and 40-ish).  I want my characters and the events they’re apart of to be relatable to the reader.  As for Knights of Red Horse, with each book I got a little deeper into what it’s like to balance being a US Air Force reservist, having a career outside the military, and how all that shapes the person you become through that sort life experience.  In that series because the novellas were so short, the stories were more psychological than plot driven.

SR:  Inquiring minds want to know, what’s sort of page-turning plots are you developing and who’s stories do we have coming?

Bella:  Well if I tell you – I may have to kill you.


Bella:  LOL.  I’m working on Black Ops Seven, Counterstrike, and eight, Strategic Moves, right now.  I’ve been dropping hints about what going on in Counterstrike on the Black Ops Brotherhood Series  Facebook Fan Page.  Counterstrike tells Cobra’s story and gives us more insight into a super-villain that ran through Dominant Deception (BOB 3) and Tactical Error (BOB 4) – Commander Rafe Wilson and his mother the Russian mole – Katrina Wilson and takes the series arc in a new direction.  This book also lays the ground work for Strategic Moves (BOB 8).   I have the Black Ops Brotherhood series plotted out for at least thirteen books.  I’m also planning a reunion book somewhere in the middle.  The Knights of Red Horse was only meant to be a trilogy, so that series has ended but a very interesting thread came out of that series and I’m working on developing it.   I’m also working on additions to the Beyond Fairy Tales Series from Decadent Publishing and from the one book that I was supposed to write, came a second – ménage.  Characters you know from BlackOps and some you haven’t gotten to know yet will have stories.

SR:  Which characters?  Com’on spill…

Bella:  Characters like the admiral, Shaq, and Davey (Rio’s brother and Lt. Dan’s bestie) will get books very soon.  And some I’ll introduce you to some new ones who I hope will be as popular as the others have been.

SR:  Speaking of the bratty LT, who is Lt. Dan and is he real?

Bella:  Lt. Dan is a real person (although Dan isn’t his name).  The bratty lieutenant is someone near and dear to me and even in real life is the model of a perfect prankster.  The LT is also a resource that I’ve used to give the stories an authentic Navy feel.  He’s been pretty busy traveling the last month so we haven’t heard a lot from him lately but I suspect the chatter will pick up soon.

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Minefield BOB 5  Book 5:  Minefield (Alex and Isabel)

Tightrope  Book 6:  Tightrope (Dan and Rio)

books_transparent Book 7:  Counterstrike (2016) (Lance and Cheryl)

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1NSHanging by a Moment is also included in Box of 1Night Stands:  Sizzling Nights

Bella on Social Media

Twitter:  @bellabjuarez
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Me and Bella

Yes I did get to meet her. She is really awesome!

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