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Before I give you Shelley I want to say good bye to a great lady. Rest in Peace Jackie Collins. You have brought us so many great stories and you will be missed.Jackie Collins

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And Now for Shelley Cornish. Good morning hon!!!

Hello again! Hope everyone had an enjoyable and exciting week. This week was my Chemotherapy treatment week so I was able to get extra reading time in! Go me! Give me my trusty e-reader and I am all set for therapy. I was able to get several books on my TBR list read. The past two weeks I have concentrated on three go to authors. Sharon Hamilton, Cristin Harber and Bella Juarez!

Sharron HamiltonI love Sharon Hamilton and passion military men and women! Her Seal Brotherhood series is more of a saga. We get to see couples evolve and grow. These are the best types of series! Where the families grow and you feel like you are a part of the saga!

Here are the three that I read. If you haven’t read any of Sharon’s work why not???? and… get out there and check her out!

Seal of My Heart Seal Brotherhood 7
Shelley’s Review Here

Seal’s Promise Seal Brotherhood 8
Shelley’s Review Here

Seal’s Code Seal Brotherhood 10
Shelley’s Review Here

Sharron Hamilton Series
Click here for the complete series.

These books always manage to hit me on a deep level. Sharon has the ability to weave you right into the story. Her characters are sexy, real and a joy to spend time with. I try not to have favorites but Tyler and Kate from Seal of My Heart are officially my favorite of Susan’s character couples! It might have something to do with her pulling this fantasy straight from my head and putting it to paper! I swear she read my mind! ?

Christin HarberNext up on my list of books and authors is Cristin Harber. Her Titan series is an Action Adventure romance series! Action packed stories and always entertaining.

Black Dawn Titan Book 8 is the story of Parker and Lexi. Both have unique hacking talents that complement each other. Warning: At the beginning of our story Lexi is in an abusive relationship. Parker helps Lexi escape the situation and along the way these two find all kinds of excitement to get into! The Titan series of books typically should be read in order but Black Dawn can be read as a Stand Alone with no Cliffhangers.

Shelley’s Review here.

Lastly our recent guest author Bella Juarez and her recent release Saving Me tSaving Mehe
final installment in 1Night Stand. I love Bella and to be honest am seriously disappointed this is the final installment. I have very much enjoyed these books!

Saving Me is Michael and Angel’s 1Night Stand. It’s a ghost story, scorching hot sensual breath play, and a Knight in shining camo! Rumor has it that an “interesting thread developed” out of this series and Bella is following it. Can’t wait to see where that leads.

Shelley’s Review Here

Coming-Up-Next-purpleHope you found something interesting to read today and find a new fantasy to enjoy! Look out for Teresea J. Reasor and Tonya Burrows next time around. More depending on how the next few days go! Live, love and laugh!

See you again soon!

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