Time for some Pimpage!!!!

Here are a few series I’d like to pimp out to you all.

Tymber Dalton has an Erotic Post-Apocalyptic series called Drunk Monkeys. Awesome books. The next one in the series is about ready to be released from Siren but the first 6 are on Amazon right now. Drunk Monkeys

  1. Monkey Business – When you absolutely, positively have a world to save, you need to call in…the Drunk Monkeys.
  2. Monkey’s Uncle – Apocalypse, shmocalypse. When you need a world saved right, you call in…the Drunk Monkeys.
  3. Monkey Wrench – When you have evil to overthrow, you need to call in…the Drunk Monkeys.
  4. Grease Monkey – Riots? Plague? Armageddon? Child’s play for…the Drunk Monkeys
  5. Barrel of Monkeys – One can of whup-ass delivered courtesy of…the Drunk Monkeys.
  6. Flying Monkeys – When you have to take an apocalyptic road trip, don’t forget to pack…the Drunk Monkeys.

Ravenna Tate also has an Erotic Post-Apocalyptic series. It’s called the Weathermen. This will be a 12 book series and the first four are live on Amazon.
These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth. Weathermen

  1. An Appetite for Blackmail – Harper & Ace
  2. Obsession by Design – Liane & Emmett
  3. The Price of Secrecy – Angela & Dominic
  4. Exclusive Access – Julianne & Kane

Lori King has an adult erotic romance book series called Fetish & Fantasy. The first book is even free. Get caught up because the 4th book is set to be released October 20th!Masqurade Banner 1

  1. Watching Sin – Sometimes just watching isn’t enough
  2. Submission Dance – One dance will change everything
  3. Mistress Hedonism – One night of pleasure to fulfill a lifetime of fantasies
  4. Masquerade – Uncovered desires

Bella Juarez and her Knights of Red Horse series are not only hot but have hot military men. Yummy!! Bella

  1. Hanging by a Moment – Widower and Air Force reservist, Tom Ryan & Free-spirited Emily Sanchez
  2. Beautiful Nightmare – Aaron Rosencrantz’s architectural firm is thriving—thanks to his brilliant and tough-as-nails COO, Natasha Rodriguez
  3. Saving Me – Michael Brannan has had enough of one night stands. Angel Rivas has attained superstardom as a plus-sized model

Another Author with an Erotic Post-Apocalyptic series is Kennedy Layne.  The first two books in Surviving Ashes are live! The world as they know it is about to change. The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted in an apocalyptic fashion, triggering simultaneous events around the world.Kennedy Layne

  1. Essential Beginnings – Change is coming… Nothing is as it seems… Surviving is just the beginning…
  2. Hidden Flames – One phone call had changed everything.

Ok that’s it for today. But make you come back again to see more great series. Love your favorite authors by giving them reviews. Tell your friends!

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