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My bad!! I was so excited to go to the Tampa Dinner with Kallypso Masters and all the others I didn’t get this posted. Ok Here’s Shelley.

Today I will be spending the afternoon into the evening fangirling like a lunatic. I amDinner with Kally going to a small (forty something) dinner with some readers and authors.  I get to finally meet up with Kallypso Masters, my hero, along with her personal assistant extraordinaire Charlotte Oliver third time might just be the charm here. Some others are Ekatarina Sayanova from Red Quill Editing, LLC one of the best in the business, Tymber Dalton crazy fabulous author, and of course the woman who so graciously hosts me every two weeks Trish Bowers!! There will be two new to me authors there also, Chelle Bliss and Julie Martin. I have downloaded books of theirs and will be trying to finish them before I leave tomorrow! I promise to try and remember to take lots of pictures and post them SOMEWHERE on the net!

Beat CancerBefore I start my reviews I want to thank everyone who has been following my war on cancer and give you some wonderful news. As many of you know I have Stage 4 Lung Cancer with metastasis to the Liver, Ribs, Spine, Hips and Brain. The brain being the scariest in my personal opinion.  As of Wednesday Sept 30th I received a diagnosis of No Evidence of Disease in the brain! This means that the radiation did the job and even though I will continue to get quarterly scans of the brain at this time there is NO CANCER in my brain!!! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have cancer but and had scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis this week. Results sometime in the next two weeks. Prayers and positive energy always welcome!!

Boy was I busy reading this last two weeks lots of wonderful material out there.

bbTeresa Reasor’s Breaking Boundaries
Review: I fell in love with Cal and Kathleen. The plot had wonderful unexpected turns and little nuances that made me smile. Teresa has a deft hand with words and it shows. I am not sure what they put in the “water” at those Kentucky writers meetings she attends with so many of my favorite authors but whatever it is. It gets the job done.

Kennedy Layne Hidden Flames (Surviving the Ashes Book 2)

hidden flames 2Review: The second installment in her post-apocalyptic series was nearly impossible to put down. I had a hard time when real life inserted itself into this book. I was ravenous to read it. I have already asked for my gas mask and survival gear for Christmas this year from my significant other. He laughed until he read the books. They are on the way J I also if you notice in my review offered to send Starbucks and Chocolate if it helps get book 3 out any sooner! If you haven’t checked out this new series do so now.

Lexi BlakeLexi Blake Luscious (Masters and Mercenaries Topped Book 1)
Review: A spin-off of Masters and Mercenaries this series is sure to be a hit! I adore Lexi and this book was a continuation of that adoration!! Sizzle, angst, steamy sex and lots of inappropriate laughter in public on my part. (Sometimes Chemo is not the place to read the steamy stuff) Looking forward to a wonderful new series of books from Lexi Blake.

Tonya BurrowsTonya Burrows Wilde Nights in Paradise (Wilde Security Book 1)
Review: I met Tonya at a dinner similar to the one I am attending today, last October. I am sad to say it took way too long for me to get around to reading her books. What have I been missing! Exotic locale (Key West), bad guy twist that I am usually exceptionally good at catching and didn’t instantly added her to the TBR pile and as you will see I did get to her other series as well. Definitely worth reading the Wilde Security and Hornet series.

Cat JohnsonCat Johnson Saved by a Seal: (Hot Seals Series Book 2)
Review: I am newish to Cat Johnson. Several of the authors I read wrote Kindle World Crossover books for her Hot Seals series and I decided to check her out. Think I may have read one book a long while ago. I loved this series. I am loving the new concept Kindle has of crossover worlds, as you hopefully will also. I am finding it a great way to get a peek into a series I might not otherwise have had an opportunity to check out yet. Let’s face it there is so much out there and so little time. I am looking forward to adding more of Cat Johnson to my TBR.

CAt Johnson 2Cat Johnson Sealed at Midnight: Hot Seals (Hot Seals Book 3)
The fantasy of a stranded Seal at my door is one of my favorites. I was slightly disappointed in the “Seal action” but I will be continuing the series


Elle JamesElle James Hot Seals: Seal’s Ultimate Challenge (Kindle Worlds)
Loved this short story by Elle James. Reaper and Leigha are paired as patient and therapist. Both have baggage that the other is able to handle and together they make for a very sweet light read. I enjoyed this crossover.

Desire HoltDesiree Holt Hot Seals: Wet Heat (Kindle Worlds)
Peyton needs to get away and find her muse. She doesn’t have a true grasp of love. As a romance novelist I imagine that would make work pretty damned unbearable.  Dix has been wounded and is trying to rehab himself in preparation for a mission. What the two find is a screw up in booking that has them stuck together in Maine. What I wouldn’t give to be stuck with a hot Seal in Maine.  Desiree has done it again. She is a fantastic craftswoman and oh by the way WELCOME to FL Desiree. She just moved here from Texas. As always looking forward to more men from Desiree! 

Robin PetermanRobyn Peterman Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book 1
Robyn is a serious departure from this list. No military men, no covert action, just hijinks and hilarity. Ok and always a good romance with a bit of smexy thrown in! Robyn Peterman is irreverent and it shows. Each of her series is funny, a delight and well worth the price of admission! I swear I throw money at her. As for subgenre paranormal shifter insanity seems to fit for me. Check out her How Hard Can It Be series, Handcuffs and Happily Ever After Series, Hot Damned Series, Shift Happens Series and now Magic and Mayhem Series! Porno Grannies unite!!

Tonya Burrows 2Tonya Burrows Honor Reclaimed (Hornet Series Book 2)
Last but oh so not least this time around is another Tonya Burrows. How I managed to miss book one I have no earthly clue except to maybe blame it on Chemobrain. This book was fantastic it put me through a wringer of emotion and expectation. I loved it. Seth and Phoebe kept me glued to the page. Both have issues and hidden secrets that need to come out. Phoebe sees in Seth a need that others just can’t seem to see. Seth is still dealing with his demons from captivity and that is a whole ball of yarn that makes me love this book. I am off to read book 1 as soon as I am done reading the books from the new to me authors at today’s dinner.  Go over and check Tonya out I am sure you will love her books too.

SurpriseMy next installment will have to be a surprise because at the moment I am writing
this I have 3 books I know I will read and after that anything goes.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope my musings gave you more fuel for your e-reader.

DonateI know this is October and is traditionally Breast Cancer awareness month along with a host of other cancers. Please take the time if you feel so moved to investigate local cancer organizations that help low income patients. There are many that help get them to treatment, pay for food, medications, housing and the like that get looked over. Don’t get me wrong your dollars for research go a very long way but take moment to check out who might benefit locally in your neighborhood. If you aren’t sure call up an oncologists office. I guarantee the staff can help direct you. They all have financial aides to assist us. Just do your research!

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