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DANGEROUSLY BROKEN is the second book in my Dangerous Romance series, and it was probably the most emotional book I’ve ever written. Somehow, I didn’t know it would be, which seems silly in retrospect, given what I’d set up for these two in the first book, DANGEROUSLY BOUND. The basis for the series is a group of friends who have known each other since high school—some since they were children. When Brandon was killed it affected the whole group in different ways, but none were more affected by his death than his best friend Jamie, and his younger sister, Summer Grace. In DANGEROUSLY BROKEN, Jamie and Summer must face the way loss has influenced their lives, as well as their life-long attraction to each other. Kink only complicates things—especially when Jamie stumbles into Summer Grace at his kink club, The Bastille, and has to witness her being played by another Dominant.

The series is set in the magical city of New Orleans, one of my favorite places in the world. It’s the most amazing, most alive place I’ve ever been, and you can feel the history in every wall, and for me, it always sets a mood that makes for a powerful backdrop for these books, and none more than DANGEROUSLY BROKEN. A place with so much history just seems to reflect their history, if that makes sense.

But this story isn’t all somber moodiness and emotion—Summer is pure sass, and she was so much fun to write! And Jamie is sex-on-a-stick Dom. The sex between these two is sizzling hot, and there are definitely some unusual aspects to the kink, since Jamie’s thing is chains. Well, it’s one of my things, too. So, if any of you know a guy like Jamie, please send him my way!

Sunshine Reads asked me to talk a bit about myself and my writing journey. I come from a family of big readers and creative people (my brothers are musicians, my dad was in the film industry his whole life and he and one of my brothers did a little screen writing, and once my mom retired from practicing law, she did wrote for magazines), and I guess it’s in my blood. I’ve also been practicing kink for most of my adult life, so that’s a very natural direction for me to take in my writing. I’m ‘out’—to my family, friends, publishers—and in the last few years I’ve been doing more and more education on BDSM practice, psychology, safety, and mentoring, as well as on sexual positivity for women, and I suppose some of my writing is geared toward that. I’d really love for people to have a more realistic view of kink, and for women to know that having sexual desires, even the more taboo ones, is okay. Sex is fun! Any consenting activity between adults is a good thing! If you want to dress up in a bunny costume and have your partner tie you up and feed you strawberries—why not? Okay, so I haven’t written anything about a bunny costume-lol! I guess what I’m trying to say is, do your thing, enjoy yourself. And if you can’t live out some of your fantasies, then reading about them is a safe way to explore that strange stuff that goes through all our heads. That’s the stuff I write about—I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s take a peek at DANGEROUSLY BROKEN::

It’s all or nothing…

Growing up, Summer Grace Rae lusted after Jamie Stewart-Greer something fierce. But her older brother’s best friend was strictly off limits. And in time Summer convinced herself to forget about him—until one erotic encounter…

Jamie has a dark side, and his BDSM fantasies are the perfect way to explore it. But he’s always hidden his extreme lifestyle from the one person who elicited his ultimate, forbidden passions. After all, Summer has been like a little sister to him for years—until Jamie sees her at the most infamous kink club in New Orleans.

Now, every taboo craving they’ve ever had is made real, in the flesh, and sending them on a sensual journey of discovery. But as their relationship spirals into the darkest recesses of desire, they’re both left breathlessly wanting more—and love could be the most dangerous fetish of them all.

EXCERPT (WARNING-it’s a li’l dirty)::

The sound of leather hitting naked flesh reverberated like a low hum in his veins as Jamie entered the main play space of The Bastille. Bodies writhed beneath the dim red and pale gold lights, seemingly in time with the trancelike ambient music. Everywhere were the scents familiar at any BDSM club. Leather. Desire. And very faintly, a little perfume. But the leather—floggers, cuffs, whips—were only one element of kink to whet his appetite. It was always the primeval glint and clank of chains that really did it for him.

A small frisson of heat shivered over his skin, creeping up the back of his neck as he paused to admire a giant web of chain attached to the sleek, black-lacquered wall. It was one of his favorite play stations at the club. The Bastille was his home club, infamous among the kink folk in New Orleans and all over the country. The club was as decadent as the city itself, as sensual as New Orleans’s sultry air. With its dramatic black and red décor, the spectacular equipment, the subs and slaves blindfolded and bound into the wall nooks where one would normally set a tall vase of flowers or a statue, it was the kind of place one only ever read about. But these beautifully still people were as decorative as a vase of flowers in his mind. And this place was far from “normal.” Tonight The Bastille, this wicked den of far-from-normal appetites, would serve him well—as soon as he chose a play partner from among the many gorgeous submissive women available.

They were scattered throughout the club, seated on the plush red velvet settees and chairs in the front lounge area, or watching the activity on the main floor. They were easy enough to spot whether or not they wore the club’s white collar of protection and availability. It was in the furtive glances they cast at him, lashes down, hands clasped in front of them, posture perfect in their rigid corsets. And then there were those who dared to stare boldly at him, lashes batting, a smile on their pretty lips. These were the ones who interested him most, although they always proved to be the most trouble in the end. But he liked a feisty submissive. He liked the challenge.

He liked having a reason to punish them.

Ah, and there she was—the tall brunette who’d made a point of introducing herself the last time or two he’d visited the club. What was her name? She was smiling at him, and there was little coyness in her glance. He smiled back, started to move across the room toward her when his attention was caught by a scene to his left. Maîtresse Renee, an attractive Domme. Like him, she was a regular at The Bastille. She was paddling a petite woman bent over a spanking bench. The girl had a truly spectacular ass that was pinking nicely. It was perfect, really—a perfect heart shape. And she had long, silky blond hair that hung down almost to the floor, obscuring her face. But there was something familiar about her small frame . . .

Maîtresse Renee grabbed the girl’s hair and pulled her upright and his groin tightened as her flawless, small breasts came into view, tipped with pale pink nipples. He’d love to get his hands on her, loved a woman with that build—slight and athletic, yet still utterly feminine. And she had a gorgeous tattoo of a phoenix on her side in brilliant color. He loved tattoos on a woman, especially one of this size and exquisite detail. Beautiful. Who was she? Someone new, that was for sure. He stepped closer, something about the tiny blonde drawing him.

The Domme pulled her head farther back, elongating her throat, and he caught sight of the girl’s profile.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Summer Grace Rae.

© Eden Bradley, 2015

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