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Happy Release Day Olivia Jaymes!!

OliviaHello! First, a big thanks to Trish for inviting me on her blog today!  I’m thrilled to be here!
My name is Olivia Jaymes and I live in Central Florida with my handsome hubby and son plus a dog named Duffy.  I’m living my dream of being a full time writer so that means I drink a lot of caffeine and eat a lot of chocolate while wearing pajamas and obsessing about deadlines.  I write hot and steamy romantic suspense with a whodunit or whydunit flair.

My latest release is Indecent Danger which is the third book in the Danger Incorporated series.  This series is actually a spin off of my main series The Cowboy Justice Association.

Danger IncDanger Incorporated centers around the Anderson family and friends.

This particular story is about Travis Anderson, the oldest son and heir apparent.  He’s a sexy businessman who desperately wants to be loved for himself and not his money.  When he meets down to earth Aubrey he can’t help but fall head over heels.  But Aubrey has secrets that she never wants Travis to know.  When a man Indecent Dangerfrom her past ends up she finds herself a suspect in a murder investigation.  Travis and Aubrey work together to clear her name so that they can have a future together.

I love the idea of opposites attract!  While on the surface Travis and Aubrey appear to be as different as night and day – one insanely wealthy and the other brought up in the foster care system – these two people have more in common than they know.  Both of them crave the love and acceptance that will heal the wounds of the past and bring them a lifetime of happiness.

And passion.  Did I mention the passion?  The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot and they were a joy to write.  I love it when my characters get their hard won happily ever after!

Justice-Inked-Jaymes-PromoI’m currently working on book seven of the Cowboy Justice Association – Justice Inked.  This is Dare Turner’s story and if you remember him you know that he is a grumpy, growly cuss who rarely smiles.  I’ve paired him with Rayne Dunn the local tattoo artist and joyful free spirit.  Boy, do these two create sparks when they’re in the same room!  Could two people be more wrong for each other?  Or maybe they have exactly what they other needs?

Look for Justice Inked in the January/February 2016 time-frame.

Thank you all and have a great week!!

Thanks Olivia! I love all your books.

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