Tymber Dalton Author Spotlight!!

The Drunk Monkeys are returning!!!


Let me welcome bestie Tymber Dalton!

Thanks for having me today! I know a lot of readers are only familiar with my BDSM or shifter books. But there are soooo many other things I love to write.

IMG_6749All my life I’ve enjoyed “what if” speculative stories. Horror, mystery, sci-fi, and I have a special love of post-apocalyptic fiction. I think a required reading of Alas, Babylon when I was in high school, and watching the TV movie The Day After, really instilled that. Alas, Babylonwas set in Florida and describes life after a nuclear holocaust. The Day After put nuclear holocaust into living rooms all over the nation in full color. Then there was The Stand. (The book, long before the TV miniseries came out.)

So any time I was able to find books that described those kinds of events, I loved it. There was a series put out called Doomsday Warriorthat was totally campy and off the wall and I loved it. (Probably incredibly age-inappropriate, looking back on it.)

Flash-forward to now. I LOVE The Walking Dead. It’s not the zombies as much as it is the characters having to make a new life after the fall of civilization. (Which is why I’m working on my The Great Turning series.) But I wanted to write a series that was totally fun and had the feel of the Doomsday Warrior series, set in the near future, but not paranormal.

And chatting with a friend one morning, I was kvetching about the Facebook app being wonky, and I complained it acted like it was coded by a bunch of drunk monkeys…

As happens quite frequently in my life, a plot bunny stuck its head up, twitched its nose at me, and bounded into existence. Helloooo, Drunk Monkeys.

Drunk MonkeysThis series is set in the year 2143, close enough to be familiar, but far enough away apparently to keep the current North Korean leader from complaining about my main plot. (After The Interview got targeted, I was “joking” that I hoped someone showed North Korea my books. It would have been great free advertising… LOL) North Korea was attempting some fuckery by creating a biological weapon…which got away from them and led to China nuking them out of existence and throwing the world into turmoil. The Drunk Monkeys is the code name of an elite special ops military unit of twenty men. They’re split into ten teams of two, and in each book another team ends up meeting and partnering with a woman. The unit’s off the grid mission is to find the scientists who created Kite the virus and the drug that North Korea forced them to make, so they can develop a vaccine for it.

Oh, and there’s a whackadoodle batshit crazy televangelist who wants to get his hands on the scientists first so he can get the vaccine and control it. He wants to be elected President, and thinks that’s the key to doing it. Meanwhile, his long-suffering wife and his right-hand man have plans of their own to bring the guy down.

My “elevator pitch” for the series is it’s sort of  The A-Team (TV show) meets Mad Max (the original) meets The Walking Dead (without paranormal zombies).

me-td-dm-icemonkeysEach of the ten books is a MFM romantic pairing, and the unit’s exploits take them from Australia to Mexico, to various cities all over the US. Book 7, Ice Monkeys, is releasing today, 11/20/2015. The last three books in the series will release in December and January.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble about my fictional characters. (It’s lonely in my writing cave sometimes. LOL) I really love this series and have had a blast writing it. Now I need to get back to finishing edits for The Great Turning (which covers a comet hitting the Earth).

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Tymber Dalton is the best-known pen name of writer Lesli Richardson. The author of over ninety books, she lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband, writer Jon Dalton, and a houseful of animals of various species. A native Floridian, liberal, DnD playing, Pagan, skeet-shooting, eclectic solitary witch, she’s almost guaranteed to piss off one-hundred-percent of the demographic of any given room. She lives in her own little world, which is okay, because they all know her there.

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