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The Knights of RED HORSE is a sexy novella series that explores the intimate world of BDSM through Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand Series (1NS).  The magical Madame Eve knows how to pair even the most unlikely people.  Once they meet, paradigms shift and worlds collide into one explosive night that will seal these couples together forever.  The men in this series are US Air Force reservists who are combat engineers with the RED HORSE (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers).

Hanging-by-a-Moment300x450Widower and Air Force reservist, Tom Ryan fills the empty spaces in his life by building dream homes for others. When he’s invited to a client’s party, he meets the owner’s sister-in-law, a tempestuous artist, and discovers that maybe there is a wrong time to meet the right person… 

Free-spirited Emily Sanchez is known for pushing the envelope in art, but meeting dependable, and down-to-earth Tom challenges her. The man has submissive written all over him, and she thinks she might be just the woman to peel back the layers and release the brilliant passion inside. 

But when they are paired by Madame Eve, Tom turns the tables on Emily, because he’s always been curious about the lifestyle and if the chaotic artist is willing to surrender, they may discover their deepest desire…  

Hanging by a Moment 

Aaron Rosencrantz’s architectural firm is thriving—thanks to his brilliantBook Cover and tough-as-nails COO, Natasha Rodriguez. But every day, they deny the powerful attraction raging between them. Corporate meetings and contracts rule their lives—not to mention a string of promises and commitments made to family. However, all bets are off when he catches a sexy glimpse of her desire for him. His hopes soar…only to be dashed by a horrible misunderstanding. So when mysterious and renowned Madame Eve sets up these two powerful personalities to come together at the Las Vegas Carnivore Club, which one will bend? 

Beautiful Nightmare

Book Cover Michael Brannan has had enough of one night stands that go nowhere and leave him empty. After watching his heroes, Tom and Aaron, married and happy, he longs to learn the secret to their content, full lives. He yearns for a girl he left behind and who’s now out of his reach. 

Angel Rivas has attained superstardom as a plus-sized model. But Angel’s success comes with a price—an unknown stalker who seems to have eyes into her most private moments is terrorizing her. 

When Michael’s bosses set him up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, he finds his unattainable woman so near, yet so far. Can she forgive him for his treachery all those years ago? Can Michael protect Angel from things that go bump in the night? This last entry into the RED HORSE Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away. 

Saving Me

Box of 1Night Stands:  Sizzling Nights

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Bella’s Bio

Bella Juarez

Bella Juarez has a passion for writing and tells her stories with a high level of military suspense and erotic romance. A few years ago, Bella was an IT technician with a craving for military and espionage history and would devour anything, fact or fiction, about the subject. Today, she lives on a south Texas ranch with her family and dogs.

With stories of intrigue running through her imagination, she always dreamed of writing a novel. Finally, in 2012, she wrote and released Rapid Dominance, book 1 of the Black Ops Brotherhood Series. Since then, she has released five more novels in this series. Branching out, she’s written three erotic romance novellas all with military elements.

Her stories blend today’s headlines into thought provoking, intricate plots interwoven with razor-sharp suspense, intrigue, and scorching, white-hot romance.

Bella’s idea of a perfect day starts out with a run, followed by a pot of strong French roast coffee, to keep her going while she sits at her keyboard tapping away on another story.

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