New Release by S. Campbell Williams

71HVhc-3qhL._SY600_My pen name is S. Campbell Williams. I am a Connecticut self published author. I have a Master’s degree in Health & Healing, and I am a mother of two wonderful children. I’ve been writing all of my life, whether it was poems, songs, or short stories. The first book, The Summer of Tsunami, came to me when I was sixteen. It is inspired by my grandmother, and what it must’ve been like to be involved in an interracial relationship in Virginia in the 1960’s. After completing the first book, the antagonist really spoke to me. I really hated him. He was so vile that he inspired me to write Book two, The Flowers of May. Immediately after outlining this book , the third book, The Fall of Margaret came to me as well, further explaining the family saga. However, the third book introduces a supernatural element into the tale.There is one installment left to write to finish the Quadrilogy in the Legacy saga. Each story and cover is unique to the female lead. They are works of fiction, some having more romantic themes and others, harsher realities. Both joy and tragedy plagued my characters as they journey through their lives to self discovery.
amazon-author-page-logoSummer-Sage Dionne
Release 1/22/16

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