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12471713_960875440653951_2044267400653777336_o A dark, psychological, erotic thriller. ​This one will scare the pants off you.

What if a man could command you to do anything and you couldn’t make yourself say no?Some people go through life without encountering evil. Zorie is not one of the lucky ones. As a teenager, she escaped a kidnapper. Now she’s stronger, smarter, and she avoids the wolves.
887248_1076737535709788_6241606426409895638_oUntil she meets Reuben and her avoidance strategy is chaff in the wind. He’s a collector and a mesmer, with the ability to control certain women at will. Zorie is to be his remote-controlled plaything.
She’s been collected.
Power corrupts.
Absolute power? Absolutely terrifying.
Two men are the key to Zorie freeing herself from Reuben.
Grimm Heller’s reasons are hidden in his past and his soul.
Mister Black’s reasons are simpler. He wants her for his own to make her into a weapon.
No matter which way she turns, is she simply choosing a different evil?

Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed

She stands on the edge of a precipice, but all she can see to choose between are different evils.






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