The Gray Pack Complete Collection Coming August 24th!!!

Series 5

The Gray Pack Complete Collection

All six books for $4.99!

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AVAILABLE: Thursday, August 24th

FITW 1.5In Fire of the Wolf, twin werewolves Devin and Damon Gray want introverted Caroline Trainor as their mate. She doesn’t want two men, even if they are built like Adonis. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past, will they be able to claim her before a rival alpha wolf’s challenge can tear them apart permanently?


ROTW 1.5In Reflections of the Wolf, rescued from a crazy werewolf with murderous intent, Tina Jameson has a scorching night with Liam Gray, firefighter and werewolf. When he announces that she’s his predestined mate, she is fast to push him away. Can he convince her to let go of her tragic past and accept her future as a werewolf?


LOTW 1.5In Legacy of the Wolf, adopted brothers Rafe and Ryley dream of having a family and a legacy of their own. They’ve found their destined mate, but she’s human and dealing with a gut-wrenching past heartbreak. A strange twist of fate brings a new wolf to the pack, and she will either tear the trio apart, or cement them together.


DOTW 1.5In Dreams of the Wolf, Whetstone wants to move on with her life, but to do so means trusting strangers to save her mother and protect her family from a depraved werewolf. When fate suddenly dumps not one, but two mates in her lap she has to decide if her dreams are more important than her destiny.


COTW 1.5In Caress of the Wolf, Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her from a threat that ends up being way too close for comfort. When you’re battling your past, someone’s bound to get hurt.


HOTW 1.5   In Honor of the Wolf, a single mom with a damaged view on love and an independent werewolf determined to have things his way. Can these two opposites find strength in each other, and survive the challenges in their path, or will they end up as they began, alone…?

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