Kevin Kneupper is a massive hero for going to bat for the entire romance community!

They Who Fell (3 Book Series) by Kevin Kneupper


Kevin is a massive hero for going to bat for not just the entire romance community, but for all writers, by filing the TM challenge to get the stupid “cocky” trademark cancelled. At the very least, please share his Amazon page to get him some recognition. He deserves it.

Writer / screenwriter / retired lawyer. Author of novels such as the bestselling They Who Fell series and Argonauts with over 60,000 copies sold.

They Who Fell (They Who Fell Book 1)

They say that long ago, there was a rebellion in Heaven. That an army of angels sought to seize the throne, and were cast down into the pits of Hell in punishment. Those are the affairs of angels, and everything would have been fine if they’d kept them to themselves. But there’s been another uprising, and another Fall. Cast down to Earth, the rebel angels ravaged the globe in an orgy of sin and violence as they indulged in their newfound freedoms. Their new home is the Perch, a black, towering monstrosity that blights what’s left of the New York City skyline. 

Life inside the Perch means you watch your tongue, if you’re a servant. Jana has lived there since she was a child, and now she’s found herself thrust into the middle of angelic politics. Some of them want to torture her, just for the fun of it. Others say they want to protect her. And Rhamiel, a charismatic and powerful angel with one of the few faces that wasn’t burnt and scarred by the Fall, is relentlessly pursuing her affections.

Life outside can be just as dangerous. Strange things fell with the angels and wander the countrysides. The roads are filled with Vichies, cringing humans who’ve thrown their lot in with their oppressors and won’t hesitate to take advantage of the weak. But some are still fighting, including William Holt. He leads a small cell of fighters, searching for a way to strike back against the angels without getting themselves killed in the process. And all around, the fallen angels inflict their savageries on the dwindling remains of humanity, enjoying every vice they’d been forbidden during their long centuries of service.

Why did the angels fall? How will humanity survive when its guardians have turned against them? And can love between an angel and a human redeem them?Scroll up and click the buy button to find out, or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon readers love this book! Praise for They Who Fell:

“The ending was absolutely epic and left you really wanting more.” – Kindle Reviewer

“I thoroughly loved this story.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“I devoured this book in one sitting!” – Kindle Reviewer

“Excellent writing, great characterization and a phenomenal plot landed They Who Fell at a solid 5 star rating.” – Kindle Reviewer

“Holy awesome surprise!” – Kindle Reviewer

“It’s the very end where your jaw will drop.” – Kindle Reviewer

“The angels are among some of the best villains I read in a long time.” – Kindle Reviewer

“An inventive, clever and all together unique take on the end of the world as we know it.” – Kindle Reviewer

“The book was so good I skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner to finish it.” – Kindle Reviewer

“I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!!!” – Kindle Reviewer


Chaos Umpire Sits (They Who Fell Book 2)

The second book in the series that readers call “absolutely epic” with a “phenomenal plot” that makes for a “gripping read.”

Book #2 in the They Who Fell Series

The tower is fallen, its residents scattered or dead. A mob of human refugees swarm the city, tossed into a world they haven’t seen in years, and one Jana knows only from distant memories as a child. The ones who tore down her home would have her flee to safety, and to abandon her need to find Rhamiel and know what became of him. But the strike against the angels has returned them to their martial ways, and an army is reforming under the banner of Uzziel with the goal of eliminating any threats to the Seraphim forever. And other castes of angels have agendas of their own, eager to fill the vacuum left by the tower’s collapse.

Adversary (They Who Fell Book 3)

The third and final book in the They Who Fell series by Kevin Kneupper, which readers call “absolutely epic” and a “fantastic story.”

Jana, Rhamiel, and Thane are on the run, pursued by Suriel and an army of seraphs who’ve bent their knees in servitude. They thought he was the only threat they faced, and they thought they’d found a way to hide away until her pregnancy was over and the Son could return to the world again.

But darker things have come to Earth than Suriel, and the Cherubim are working strange magics from their Hive. Things from Lucifer’s Pit are finding their way out of their cage and into the world, and they come whispering about Lucifer himself. 

Hiding isn’t an option anymore, and the only choice left to Jana and Rhamiel is to fight. They need old allies to do it, along with whatever new ones they can scrounge, and the fate of the world will be decided by a final battle with the architect of Heaven’s first rebellion.


Here’s what readers are saying about the They Who Fell series:

“Holy awesome surprise! Mr. Kneupper hooked me with the first chapter and kept me turning pages until I finished the book in one sitting. Excellent writing, great characterization and a phenomenal plot landed They Who Fell at a solid 5 star rating.
By turning the traditionally ingrained idea of benevolent angles on its head and creating a plausible set of circumstances, I seriously questioned what would happen if a second heavenly fall occurred. Would the angels I’ve viewed as guardians become my worst nightmare? Would God turn his back on all of His creations and let the outcome be determined by the players themselves?”

-Renee, Amazon Reviewer

“In a word, WOW!!! This book was sad, scary, disturbing and fascinating all at the same time. I didn’t want to put it down. As a believer, it had me asking what if? The story made me think and I like that about books. I can’t wait for the next installment because I want to know what’s going to happen next. Is humanity redeemed? Who knows but I can’t wait.”

-Bookworm2015, Amazon Reviewer

“I found the story incredibly fascinating, as seen through the eyes of an innocent young woman who was brought to the angels’ stronghold, The Tower, too young to even remember what it was like on the outside.
I truly enjoyed reading this book. It is vastly different from any of books I have read to date. Humans tend to think of angels as benevolent beings…and they were…but when they “Fell,” they seemed to have lost their compassion for the human race. The author created an angelic caste system of sorts, as well as his own idea of angelic politics. I was enthralled and couldn’t help but barrel through the book to see where the next page took me.”

-Paiutedancer, Amazon Reviewer

“I came back after reading the second book to write this review. I couldn’t wait to see what befell these characters next! I was intrigued and horrified at how these Angels acted! This is not the typical, Angels trying to save humanity story, it’s like a science experiment gone horribly awry, like pulling the wings off of flies! I cannot wait to see if the Author expands on this storyline and I hope he does because I am hooked!”

-Kim61, Amazon Reviewer

Demon Hunter Series (2 Book Series) by Kevin Kneupper

Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #1)

With more than 10,000 downloads, the short story series readers are calling an “irreverent delight” and “creepy-scary and everything else a horror story should be.”

“In a war of good versus evil, Cade doesn’t so much walk a thin line as trample it to death in pursuit of demons, dollars, and his next bender.” – Kindle Reviewer ★★★★★ 

“This story was irreverently perfect and I’m a new fan who is looking forward to more from this author.” – Kindle Reviewer ★★★★★ 

Demons are dangerous things. They inflame your insecurities, turn your weaknesses against you, and whisper their thoughts into your ears in the darkness. 

The Vatican wants them locked up, or banished back to Hell. Short on priests and long on money, they’ve had to resort to paying bounties to keep things under control. That means looking outside of the faithful, to mercenaries like Cade Crowley. 

That’s not his real name, but then, it never is. A drunk, and a gambler, and a womanizer, Cade’s steeped in sin himself, but he has one advantage: the sight. He can see demons, and he can see spirits, and that means he can fight them, so long as he can keep his own demons under control. 

But the Vatican doesn’t have the war between good and evil to itself, not anymore. Other religions want in, and they’re recruiting bounty hunters of their own. Some have faith, and some just have bills to pay, but all of them want Cade’s bounties for themselves.

Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter #1 (Short Story):

One of the Church’s faithful has summoned something up from Hell, to try to make a deal. But he forgot the first rule of the dark arts: don’t call on something you don’t know how to control. He’s trapped in his own summoning circle, and the only one who can get him out is Cade.

Dark Hunger (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #2)

Hell’s a miserable place, and not for indulging. When demons come to the surface, they run wild with whatever desires there are that drive them. Cade’s on the trail of something that’s been possessing people. It’s hungry, and once it’s inside someone, so are they. They eat, and eat, and eat, and there’s nothing they can do to stop. 

Dark Hunger is a short story, the second in the Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series.


Doors to Nowhere (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #3-5)

 Demons are dangerous things. They inflame your insecurities, turn your weaknesses against you, and whisper their thoughts into your ears in the darkness. The Vatican wants them locked up, or banished back to Hell. Short on priests and long on money, they’ve had to resort to paying bounties to keep things under control. That means looking outside of the faithful, to mercenaries like Cade Crowley. 

Doors to Nowhere collects short stories #3 through #5 of the Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series.

Doors to Nowhere: The Vatican has a problem, and it wants it swept under the rug. A prominent member of the Knights of Columbus has sold his soul, and the demon’s come to collect. Now he’s holed up in his mansion, and if Cade wants his bounty, he has to find him before the demon does.

Gospel of Gold and Guilt: Cade needs money, and fast. He’s run up gambling debts that he’ll never be able to pay, and has to turn to bounties from outside the Vatican: from a television preacher with a prodigal son, possessed by a demon that’s made him run wild.

Fortune’s Haze: A club of psychics is losing its customers to ill fortunes. First it was just divorces and bankruptcies, but now it’s murder. They suspect a demon, and they’ve called in Cade, who has to fi2Ij9hRVnd it before the next fortune gets told.

Readers love this series. Here’s what Amazon reviewers are saying about the Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter short stories:


“Hilarious in some places, and spooky in others.” – Kindle Reviewer

“There is much irreverent delight and no excess in this writing. I’d call it perfect prose. Five stars!” – Kindle Reviewer

“Creepy-scary and everything else a horror story should be.” – Kindle Reviewer

“I absolutely loved this. I’d follow Cade Crowley into hell and back just for the entertainment value.” – Kindle Reviewer

“A quick read, easily finished in a evening, but packed with enough details and action to leave the reader satisfied.” – Kindle Reviewer

“I love fast pace books and this did the trick.” – Kindle Reviewer


Thousands of readers love Argonauts, calling it a “fantastic tale” and “clever, rich, and highly entertaining.”

It’s a new twist on an old myth. 

It’s the story of Jason, a wealthy son of privilege who longs to be a warrior. His father’s death means Jason can finally join the Argonauts, an elite group of warriors who’ve overhauled their genetic code.

It’s the story of Medea, a scientist who toils away in a lab changing people’s genes. She gives the warriors their powers, but she never gets an ounce of credit. And now she’s found herself fighting alongside them. 

And it’s the story of an adventure turned suicide mission, all for the sake of a crown.

Readers love the twists on ancient Greek mythology.

The story of Jason and Medea is thousands of years old. It was once the subject of some of the greatest plays and poems in human history, but the myth has died away in recent years. We remember Hercules, but whatever happened to Jason?

Argonauts retells the old story in a near-future science fiction setting, with future technologies replacing ancient magic. One Goodreads reviewer wrote: “I love mythical retellings and this is certainly one of the most innovative…. It shouldn’t work, but it does. The ancient Greek names and themes actually seem to feed perfectly into the world….” Another reviewer said she “loved the spinning of the classic tale into something futuristic and different!” 

Even if you’re not a mythology expert, you’ll find yourself recognizing pieces of the myths. Maybe you’re a Game of Thrones fan who’ll learn where the Harpies came from, or where Cersei Lannister got her name. Or maybe you’re a Harry Potter fan who’ll learn about the myths that inspired characters like J.K. Rowling’s Amycus Carrow. These authors loved the myth, and you might, too.

Readers love the science fiction premise.

You’ve heard the stories in the news. Jobs being taken by robots. The corporate elite revealed to be more and more corrupt. Extremists all over social media. Strange technologies that do things you couldn’t imagine.

Where will it all lead? Argonauts is a look at the future through the lens of the past. Greek mythology was full of monsters. But the monsters of the future don’t come from a magic potion. They’ve changed their genes, and they aren’t entirely human anymore. 

Sci fi fans are raving about the book. One reader called it a “sci fi gem.” Another said it was “reminiscent of Asimov” and “very well done.” And a third called it “a welcome addition to the reading shelf of fans of sci fi.”

Even readers who aren’t exactly nerds have found themselves enjoying it. As a Goodreads reviewer put it: “I really enjoyed the book, it’s not a book I would normally pick up and read. But branching out this time certainly paid off!”

Readers love the romance.

One of the most famous romances in history was between Jason and Medea – a Greek warrior marked for death, and the sorceress who saved him. It was a passion inspired by the gods, and a love doomed to end in tragedy – at least in the old myths.

There’s no tragedy in this book, but the love story is still there, and reviewers love “the chemistry between Jason and Medea.” A strong, commanding warrior, sent off to die in a foreign land. A sorceress who starts out as his enemy, but finds herself helping him instead as she falls deeper and deeper in love. 

It was a passionate love, the kind that inspired a princess to give up everything she cared about to save a hero from a foreign land. In Argonauts, Medea is a scientist, not a sorceress – but there isn’t that much difference in the end. 

Give Argonauts a try today.

You’ll experience the myths. You’ll wonder about the future. And you’ll fall in love with Jason and Medea, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Join thousands of fans and buy your copy today.

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