Here is the link to my very first blog post. I was a guest on Tymber Dalton’s blog.Guest blog

With the movie FSoG coming out and all the hype that is going along with it, I feel that I need to give credit where credit is due. There are a lot of authors out there who have written BDSM books before and after E.L. James wrote hers. I think these men & women deserve as much or more accolades than that one author.

Click the link below to read the list.
Guest Post: BDSM Authors by Trish


I decided to start doing some marketing, graphic work and other things for authors.

So with a little help and some big shoves by some close friends. Thank you Les, Carol, Lori and Bill.

I have made a website and Facebook page. Bear with me as it is a work in progress for sure. Especially the website. I appreciate any pointers and ideas as I weave my way through this maze.

I’m on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads. Feel free to hit me up.

You all are a bunch a great people, readers, authors and editors and I wanted to do something to give back.

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